Affordable Out of Pocket Rates:

   One Hour Initial Assessment - $85

     Thirty Minute Follow-Up - $45       


Insurance Plans Accepted:

Oxford - AETNA - Empire Government          

United Healthcare - Multiplan - CIGNA

Northwell United Healthcare

Emblem Health Plans: GHI - HIP


Customized Meal Plans

Laura will create a meal plan based on the calories your body requires for your improved nutritional health. Be it weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, you’ll learn how to incorporate the foods you love to eat into your healthy, new lifestyle. This will ensure that you will be satisfied and not feel deprived. 

House Calls

Yes, you read that correctly! Laura will gladly perform home visits to go through your cabinets to see what’s lurking inside. She’ll read the labels and tell you what to keep and what to throw out. Laura will go through your refrigerator and freezer, too. Finally, she’ll tackle the hidden snack drawer and offer some healthier snack alternatives. Think of Laura as “the Nanny” of nutritious eating.

Nutrition Analysis

Keeping a food diary is the #1 key to success for healthy lifestyle changes. If you are willing to keep a food diary (24 hour food recall), Laura will analyze it and provide you with your nutrient breakdown of carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber. Your intake can be analyzed to compare your vitamin and mineral intake for your RDA, Recommended Daily Allowance. 

Menu Planning

If you’re tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night, Laura will provide you with a month of menus with new recipes to try. These healthy, nutritious meals taste great, can be prepared in advance and your family will love them! Learn to use ground turkey instead of beef, add beans, lentils and tofu to your dishes to incorporate plant proteins into your meals. 

Cooking Classes

Spice up your life! Learn how to add flavor without the calories when you add fresh herbs and spices to your dishes. Learn to prepare chicken in new ways. Create meatless meals using tofu, beans, lentils and more. Want some sugar-free dessert recipes? Laura can help you with all of your   culinary needs. Learn to modify recipes to make them lower in fat and sugar.