Laura Glenz is a Registered Dietitian and is a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist in the state of New York. She attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ where she received her BS in Nutrition Science.  Laura is a member of the American Dietetics Association, the New York State Dietetics Association and the Long Island Dietetics Association. 

Laura performed her dietetic internship through New York Tech’s NYCOM program. She did her dietetic rotations at Long Beach Medical Center in Long Beach, NY. Laura is passionate about the field of nutrition. 

At the age of thirteen, when she went for her high school physical, Laura was told that she was overweight and had acne. These two conditions, although seemingly unrelated, directly impacted Laura’s future career path. This is when her interest in nutrition awakened. It is how she began to know the caloric content of many foods - both healthy and less healthy. 

As a teenager with acne, Laura was prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic called Tetracycline. She took it daily for 3 years. Once she went off of it, she began to have strep throat/tonsillitis repeatedly. Laura was put on more antibiotics to treat her throat. At age 23, Laura finally had her tonsils removed as a result of her constant illnesses. Laura’s health problems weren’t over yet. She seemed to lack energy and constantly felt tired. It was not until she moved to California in 1990, that she went to see a brilliant doctor who diagnosed her with Systemic Candidiasis. This is a condition where the good flora of the intestines is overtaken by a yeast called candida albicans. This resulted in Laura’s inability to lose weight, a bloated appearance, an extreme hunger and thirst and a lack of energy. 

The amazing thing was that this condition was exacerbated by all of the food choices that Laura was making. She was feeding the candida very well by eating fruit salads, salads with vinegar, bread, etc. After following a strict yeast free diet, Laura began to lose weight and gained back her normal energy level. Her thyroid function returned to normal and she was able to stop taking Synthroid, and her hormones stabilized. 

This experience lead to Laura’s decision to go back to college for Nutrition Science and become a dietitian. It was due to this experience that Laura became passionate about nutrition. She is greatly concerned about the obesity epidemic in this country and wants to educate parents and children about healthy choices to prevent diabetes, heart disease and physical ailments that occur due to overweight. Laura is Certified in Adolescent and Childhood Weight Management. For other conditions treated, please see Conditions section.